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Inclusivity is another one of the main priorities that we have here at The MNR Foundation, because it represents our commitment to making the world a safer and more empathetic for people of all backgrounds.  This goal also includes ensuring that everyone has a right to live their lives to the fullest, with respect for their human rights and justice for the harms committed against them. To ensure that we are helping to build a more inclusive world, we have developed several projects which support this mission, and use a combination of storytelling, advocacy and development efforts when conducting these initiatives.  

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Les Incroyables

Digital video series featuring inspiring individuals



Transforming digital advocacy

Let Your Light Shine

Reporting on and writing stories from around the world


One of the values of The World With MNR is including young people in our decision making, and giving young people the opportunity to get involved in our initiatives. Through initiatives like our Youth Activism Program and our Writing Interns Initiative, we provide youth with the opportunity to share their ideas on our platform and take action for the causes they care about.

Youth Activism Program

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Writing internship Program

Image by Thought Catalog

Class of 2019/2020

Image by Christin Hume

Class of 2020/2021


Just like our other focus areas, we have used multiple platforms to raise awareness about issues pertaining to inclusivity and diversity, and about world issues more generally. Below are a few of our storytelling initiatives within this focus area.

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The Whole
Wide World

The blessings of liberty

Bridges and

A space for discussing people, places, and issues around our world. Hosted by Maryam and Nivaal, and accompanied by incredible humans.

A podcast dedicated to educating youth about the rights that they have, starting within America

A podcast dedicated to bringing together people from various backgrounds to discuss how we can tackle the world's biggest challenges

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