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Let’s face it, it’s undeniable that the youth of America are not given the tools they need to learn about their rights and exercise them. This is dangerous, because your rights are so important in common situations. We’ve taken the initiative to mitigate this problem: give this podcast a listen to learn about a couple of basic rights that could help you be safe in everyday circumstances.

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Aadith Kannan is a junior at Cupertino High School in California. He’s engaged his strong passion for the law by taking numerous law courses, participating in Cupertino High School’s Mock Trial team, as well as taking part in legal education initiatives. As a social justice activist, Aadith is passionate about exploring the intersection of law and activism by making the law more accessible to young people. 

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 This podcast was done in collaboration with the Youth Activism Society. Youth Activism Society is a youth-led, nonpartisan, and social media based organization that strives for change. Check out their website here

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