Changing the world and inpsiring others to do the same, One story at a time.

Now, more than ever, our media needs to share positive, inspiring stories of individuals from around the world. Through The World With MNR's "Les Incroyables" Instagram show, we conduct interviews with influential individuals from various industries who are changing the world, and share them across various platforms on social media to create more #inspiringfeeds and give people hope during this time.

About the Interviews

The interviews for this show will be conducted on Instagram Live, and the recordings of each episode will be posted on The World With MNR's IGTV. These recordings will then be shared across the social media platforms of the World With MNR's pages and the pages of their partners, while also being housed on this webpage.

Meaningful Conversations that amplify the causes we care about.

This show is meant to inspire its audience and spark meaningful conversations about change making and social good. For this reason, the questions in each interview will be about the interviewee's journey, their advice for our viewers, and why they use their platform to create social change. In addition, our distributive partners will help shape the conversation by curating featured questions which are aligned with each organization's vision and mission, while bringing to light the causes they support through their work and amplifying it through the show's platform.


Watch this space for the latest interviews in this series.
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