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Introducing the World With MNR's Writing Internship Class of 2019/2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Maryam and Nivaal Rehman | Toronto, Canada

This August, we launched applications for our Writing Internship, a program through which we hope to reach our goal of elevating youth voices, and giving them a platform to share their opinions on issues that matter to them. We are excited to announce our selected members, and cannot wait to continue sharing their blogs each month!

Ayesha Mahmood | Sargodha, Pakistan

Hello, I'm Ayesha Mahmood and I am from Sargodha, Pakistan. I'm a student, and currently studying Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of Sargodha, and my favourite subject is Management. My goal in life is to work towards bringing progressive and positive changes in my community to have a long-lasting and more realistic impact. I am interested in research writing and volunteer work, and I also love traveling to explore the beauty of nature. In my free time, I read books, hangout with friends, play badminton or cook. 

Mehmoona Usman | Mianwali, Pakistan

I am 19 and after completing my college I am about to continue my studies in University. On the side, I am trying my best to write and work towards becoming a professional writer, and my hobbies include reading books, sketching, painting and writing. I am based in Pakistan, and am my mother's only daughter. I also have a brother, and lost my father 11 years ago. After him I want to do everything I can to highlight his name. For this reason, I am working as an author. My first book is called Pace Through the Moon, and I am currently working on second one called A Turquoise Heart. I want to be the pride of my mother and country.

Abdul Rehman Nawaz | Faislabad, Pakistan

I would like to start by saying Assalam-Ul-Laikum (peace be with you) to everyone reading this. Now some words about myself. My name is Abdul Rehman Nawaz, I am 14 Years old and I study in the12th Standard. I am neat, hard working and an honest human being. My interests lie in the activities that help me not only become a better version of myself everyday, but also those that present a challenge to me. I started in the field of Volunteering four years ago when I was 10 years old. I started by volunteering at Blind School in our community. At the same time, I took part in extracurricular activities such as Debating Competitions, Kangaroo Mathematics Competition and World Wide Fund Spellathon. All these things not only helped me become a better version of myself but also helped me in my academics too. Last year, I was appointed as Ambassador for Child Rights by the Worlds Children Prize Foundation – Sweden. Last year, I was accepted as a Member of the New York Academy of Sciences and I participated in their Natural Disasters Challenge. My team and I devised a plan which suggested how to deal with the aftermath of floods economically, and introduced an application which provided survival guidance to the individuals of the affected

region. Lastly, I was born in Faisalabad, Punjab and I am still living in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

Fatima Bashir | Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Hi, I am Fatima Bashir from Pakistan. I am 23, and searching for my purpose in life. I grew up in a town named Mirpur Mathelo in Sindh, and am currently living in Bahawalpur City. I am a Mass Communications graduate from the University of Punjab, and I love my field of study as it allowed me to explore different mediums and help me discover my interests. I wish to travel the world and portray a positive image of Pakistan through my writing. I want to motivate people to find good in themselves and others, and make this world a better place. I am an observer and keen learner. I like to observe nature. It amazes me that nature is embedded with so many incredible traits and teaches us calmness, depth, and strength. Right now I’m exploring myself in writing and I’m learning about new media trends. I am more into progressive writing, and am motivated to write for the youth of Pakistan. Young people have diverse ideas, passionate dreams and unmatchable energy which inspires me to write for them as I want to motivate them to excel in life. I wish there could be more platforms where we could discuss general topics and draw out solutions, as it is very important to look for solutions instead of just whining about our problems. I mostly like to write about motivation, new trends and technologies, social issues and self-development topics.

Maliha Khan | Delhi, India

My name is Maliha Khan, and I am from Kashmir (IOK). I am studying Bachelors of Arts (English Honours) at Jamia Milia University, Delhi. I enjoy writing and reading as you could guess from the choice of my subject. Other than that I am passionate about dance and would love to learn it professionally. I am also interested in theatre and making videos and intend to start a YouTube channel. I believe in using words to speak out against injustice and to speak for important causes. Above all, I like to write and speak about the conflict in Kashmir and the injustice faced by the people there. I believe in gender equality, tolerance, acceptance, and compassion for all. For this reason, I volunteered with the AFS (American Field Service). I love meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and look forward to this experience.

Ammara Maqsood | Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan

I am Ammara Maqsood from Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan. I am a software Engineer by degree/education, a teacher by profession and a “Domestic Engineer” by passion. I believe that “domestic engineering” is something every girl has a degree in by birth. Yes, it’s about womanhood. We have a built-in factor of care, responsibility and love. As a woman myself, that’s my superpower. I believe in the basics, in the home, the family and unity. I want to write about the woman who remains at one place all the time and works to make a house a home for her family. I want to write about the respect and care she deserves for working 24/7 for family without a single holiday. I am also a book reader and try to absorb knowledge from books. I believe in the magic of words and smiles. I want to write about the strength of “one”. The change you can bring by simply being you. I want to make people realize that change starts from within. Shortly, I am a simple girl with simple dreams. 

Uswa Hafeez | Hyderabad, Pakistan

My name is Uswa Hafeez, and I am a high school student. I enjoy reading books, mostly fiction novels. Often, I involve myself in writing small fictional stories, sharing positivity through the lessons I have learnt until this stage of my life by composing them into articles. I hope that the people who read them can somehow apply those lessons in their lives and be able to react positively when surrounded by negative situations. I have always been a self- motivated person but every body has their role models, right? Well mine is Louis Zamperini, a World War 2 veteran and an Historic Olympian. His struggle through hard times and his optimism has inspired me tremendously. One quote of his I want to share, and which I consider my new favourite is, “I'd made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race.” Like him, I too believe in neither viewing the glass half full nor half empty, but filling it. Finally, I reside in Hyderabad, Pakistan where I was born and raised, and I intend to pursue a degree in either genetic engineering or neurosciences.

Mahnoor Sargana | Islamabad, Pakistan

My name is Mahnoor Sargana and I’m currently studying at Bahria College located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Raised in an urban city while having deep roots in my ancestral village, I have experienced the contrasting environments and people, innovative hustlers in a fast-paced city and humble beings of a small village. With a passion to alleviate the economic disparity in urban and rural communities, I’m deeply invested in social work. Global affairs and sustainability are my other areas of interest. When I’m not hustling, I love to read, preferably fantasy and continually trying to dwell in the non-fiction genre. Photography, basketball and hiking are my favourite energy boosters. 

Tehreem Khan | Hyderabad, Pakistan

I am Tehreem Khan, but my family calls me 'the event planner' of the house. That's probably because I really can't stay a day or two without bringing everyone together. I live in Hyderabad, Pakistan. It is a small but fairly developed city; too hot for my liking but the best part about it is that people here never hesitate to help each other. I have weird hobbies you could say. Other than watching anime and scrolling through my Instagram feed, I like  gardening and reading books, especially fiction. It's like introducing yourself to a new world. The most unproductive way I waste my time is watching YouTube videos. Other things that I enjoy is painting, watching a good movie, and reading mangas. I am currently a Pre-Med high school student, and I wish to be a surgeon one day. I believe that saving lives is the biggest contribution in making this world a better place.

Sarah Khalid | Pakistan

Hey Everyone, I'm Sarah, and I’m from Pakistan. I’m 16 years old, and currently studying in high school. In my free time I like writing, reading, baking, playing with paints (painting), taking part in different campaigns regarding environmental issues and interacting with new people. I’ll be working as a blog writer with team MNR and definitely looking forward to a wonderful internship experience here.


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