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Let's Talk About Imran Khan and Pakistan

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

By: Maryam and Nivaal Rehman | Toronto, Canada

Pakistan’s beloved Prime Minister Imran Khan has been removed from office due to the efforts of corrupt politicians, several institutions and regime change efforts by the United States.

We have seen so much misinformation about the reality of what is going on across media outlets - so we created this post to reveal the truth. Please share this widely to help us raise awareness about the undemocratic and unconstitutional removal of our leader, and why millions of Pakistanis are launching a revolution in his support.

Read our full report below and click the PDF below to download it:

Let's Talk about Imran Khan and Pakistan
Download PDF • 8.74MB


Note on Citizen Journalism and Activists on the Ground:

Unfortunately, much of the Pakistani media has been notorious for spreading misinformation and sharing information based on who is paying them. These news outlets have then become the sources used by several media outlets abroad as well, which has caused further confusion about what is going on at this time. This is why, in addition to the sources we mention below, we verified the information above through citizen journalism, PM Imran Khan's own speeches and the work of activists.

Economic Policies:

No-Confidence Motion

Verification of the Letter by Pakistan's National Security Committee:



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