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There is No Planet B

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Tehreem Khan | Hyderabad, Pakistan

All the natural things that surround you, including vegetation, sunlight, water, air and landscapes, can be termed collectively as the environment. But ravaging this natural environment is causing major, irreparable damage; the result of which is climate change.

Climate change has many external factors but we, humans, are contributing to it by burning fossil fuels, our extensive use of machines, and deforestation. This adds to naturally occurring greenhouse gases which increase the greenhouse effect, damaging the ozone layer and leading to more global warming.

All types of environments have their own charm, whether that be city life with big buildings or busy streets, or a simple, quiet village life. I personally love the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Lush green lands with clear blue streams and cold weather. This type of environment, that has the least amount of human additions to its natural beauty, is my favourite.

The increase in global warming is leading to more destruction to our environment. This includes the rising of sea levels due to thermal expansion, melting of glaciers, the extinction of countless animal species, longer and more severe heat waves, and pollution negatively impacting water quality. For more information on the science behind Climate Change, check out these websites:

However, we can save this Earth by taking simple steps in our daily lives. Even if we start by making one small change in our individual lives, our collective impact will be tremendous. I suggest we start by reducing our use of unnecessary objects/material goods. We can replacing single-use items with reusable ones, reducing the amount of garbage we throw out on a daily basis. Recycling glass, plastic, and paper products. How about planting a tree or fruits and vegetables in your garden? There are so many changes we can make, all we need to do is start somewhere, and I think we need to start now. Unless we take steps, beautiful places like the Northern Areas of Pakistan will be destroyed. It is really important to conserve and protect our environment if we, in short, want to live.


"There is no planet B."

Together we can save it.



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