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How Governments Should Address The World's Biggest Challenges

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Mahnoor Sargana | Islamabad, Pakistan

1.Climate Change

Climate Crisis with its occurring consequences has captured the attention of global citizens, yet world leaders are still falling short on actions necessary for the survival of the planet. Plastic production, deforestation, industrial waste, fossil fuels and so many other aspects that make up our daily lives but are negatively impacting our planet need to be properly addressed. The immediate action national leaders can take, is to root out every activity in their respective countries that contribute environmental damage. The recognition of these harmful activities will then inform policies that address these root causes of the climate crisis.

2.Quality Education

617 million youth worldwide still lack basic mathematics and literacy skills. Quality education provided to the youth of a nation ensures development which eventually uplifts the national dynamics. It is integral to the grooming of the citizens and their futures in the ever evolving world.

National budget that is allocated to the education sector should be prioritized, unlike what happens in developing nations. Responsible and adequately trained teaching professionals are also essential for the provision of quality education.

3.Gender Equality

In many parts of the world, women continue to face discrimination and countless hurdles in their daily lives based solely on their gender. This form of inequality continues to widen the gap between men and women and their social activities. This gap inevitably decreases the development of the nation or collectively the entire region.

This needs to change. Some of the first steps that can be taken include altering the attitude of mainly male dominate industries, business and politics. The leader of any state is responsible to advocate equal participation of all citizens, regardless of gender, ethnicity or any other groups. Initiating government schemes that provide women with opportunities and tools to succeed and supporting female led businesses and other initiatives are also recommendable actions.


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