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Poem: Measure Me By the Love in My Heart, Not the Color Of My Skin

Hiba Ashraf | Kerala, India

They say only skin 

the color of snow is pretty.

They say only porcelain skin

is worthy of admiration.

They say only the fair are beautiful.


Why is my worth measured

by the amount of melanin in my skin?

Why is my worth not measured

by the kindness in my eyes,

Or the love in my heart?

Why should I be disgraced because of 

how dark I am?

When only the darkest of skies

can make the brightest of stars. 

Then why are we judged by the color of our skin?

Why do we all hate brown skin?

At the end,

aren't we all 

different shades of the same brown?

Some a little lighter.

Some a little darker.

All skin colors are beautiful.

Instagram Handle: @hiba.musings


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