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How To Create More Inclusive Cities For People With Disabilities

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Ayesha Mahmood | Sargodha, Pakistan

We can build inclusive cities that are more accessible to people with disabilities by taking following steps.

1. Treat them with respect

Know that all human beings are equal and are special in their own ways. We should know that every person is blessed with some special inbuilt abilities. Regardless of our mental and physical disabilities, we are all deserving of respect and care.

2. Do not make fun of their disability.

One of the most insensitive actions that one can have towards people with disabilities, is making fun of them. So, instead of making fun of someone's disability, we all should help them and treat them in the best possible way. We should educate ourselves about various kinds of disabilities that exist, and learn how to make ourselves more accommodating towards those individuals.

3. Employ disabled people.

Having a disability does not prevent people from completing all tasks. We should recognize that disabled individuals deserve to have a chance to make a living, just like everyone else. Governments should introduce a special quota system for disabled people, and ensure that they are being employed.

4. Promote inclusion and accessibility in schools.

We should promote social inclusion and accessibility for disabled people in schools. Whether this is through providing accommodations like elevators and ramps, or having brail available for people who are blind, schools should ensure that people with disabilities are having equal access to learning opportunities. Students in classrooms should also be more educated about disabilities, so that they can be supportive and inclusive towards all their classmates.

5. Promote inclusion through entertainment.

We should promote inclusion through entertainment. Whether we are creating films, television shows or music videos, there should be representation for people of all abilities so that we are creating more diverse and inclusive content. We can also make media/entertainment focused on raising awareness about disabilities, so that people are more educated about them.

6. Create more accessible buildings and public spaces

City planners should focus on how they can make buildings and public spaces accessible for people of all abilities. This can include creating ramps, automatic doors, brail on signs, and more accessible features to all buildings.

7. Provide Diversity and Inclusion training to employees

The government should work with employers to ensure that diversity and inclusion training is given to all employees. Especially in settings where employees are dealing with the public, they should be educated in how they can make the environment at their workplace more inclusive and accessible for all customers.

8. Government should support nonprofits and organizations working for disability rights

The government should support and/or create organizations focused on supporting individuals with disabilities. Whether this is through a grants program or a funding portal, the government should support the work of individuals who are helping make the lives of disabled people better.

9.  Teach social inclusion at home.

Everyone should work to teach their children about inclusion, disabilities, and diversity at home. For children, they can be greatly impacted by what they learn in their homes and parents should play their role in teaching their children to be good role models by teaching them how to be more inclusive, accepting and tolerant towards people of all abilities.



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