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Spotlight: Meet Shriem Agarwal 🎉

Shriem Agarwal | India

My love for food and baking takes me back to so many nostalgic memories.

Ever since a kid, I always wanted to do something big! I was always so curious when my mom would go and make some yummy, fancy food for us or bake something heavenly. I always enjoyed her company and loved helping her sift flour, cream the sugar and butter, and make pizzas with her. As I was just 9, she didn’t allow me to do much, but gradually I started to cook and bake just as a hobby. It was my favourite thing to do whenever I got bored, and it is actually like my stress buster - it is, was, and will remain my stress buster!

Growing up, I realised that my love for food-related things, or even making anything I can has grown quite a lot, and that I wanted to pursue it for the rest of my life! Looking at my board marks and the kind of feedback I received made me realise that if we have the courage and ability to do something, we can really do wonders. I started focusing on my passion, and my studies. I made a goal for myself, but then the pandemic took place. I got upset, and thought, "what will I do?" But again, I pushed myself and tried to roll up my sleeves and show everyone that if we want to do something, we can, no matter what life throws at us.

I started writing content for my first ever book, took a lot of classes and workshops, and people loved me and my work. I also started my blogging page named Dash of Delicious on Instagram and gave my 100% to it, which helped me gain a lot of popularity. I released my book on Notionpress and Amazon in October, and soon I hit 10k on my Instagram page in just 6 months! I enjoyed every bit of it! I also did my diploma in nutrition and diet planning and became a consultant. In addition, I did a variety of diplomas from the top institution of India and abroad for bakery. It gives me immense pleasure to say that the thing which made me upset during lockdown, gives me so much happiness right now! From working with brands and different people in collaboration, promoting them, and getting to learn so many things, to creating content, editing my videos, shooting and so much more, I love every bit of my work ️❤️

One thing that I solely believe in and have seen throughout these years, is that if you want to do something or reach a certain goal, you can! Don’t let anyone dim your light which shines bright from within!



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