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Youth Spur Innovation that Often Leads Change

By: Chante Mars |

Youth offer more to a discussion than their age implies. While boarding on the age of adolescence, youth maintain a primal urge to learn. Taking in new information, youth cultivate their talents through various forms, and one form that applies to more than themselves is advocacy.

By youth using their voices to express their opinion on aspects of their world or community they'd like to change for the better, they build character.

This is because it is difficult for a person to gain confidence if their opinions are not being valued or considered by others. It's important to understand that while youth may not have all the answers they can surely put in the time and effort to find them, as seen with the achievements of individuals such as Malala Yousafzai. Youth spur innovation that often leads change, if this cycle is unbroken then every youth can share their voices and become the change in the world they would like to see.


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