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We Cannot Ignore the Climate Crisis Any Longer

Mahnoor Sargana | Islamabad, Pakistan

When I first developed keenness in social activism, I always dismissed global warming as a passing headline that could clean up after itself; until I realized that it is something that humans were participating in as sole contributors. And unlike what I have always learned, we were not cleaning up after ourselves. Upon further exploration of this theme, the alarming condition of our planet and the human behaviour surrounding it dismayed me to no end. My mother’s persuasion to conserve energy, water and her strong resolve against plastic usage, finally made sense to me.

The customary road to school was no longer a sore sight for my eyes but a cycle of apprehensive thoughts for what it was to become of us. All I could see was a collapsing Earth. What unsettled me the most was the realization that despite living in the "Information Age" with access to considerable knowledge of this inevitable existential crisis, there had been only dialogues exchanged and resolutions passed.

In spite of various conventions and meetings held, and promising resolves dedicated to combat the climate crisis, no discernible action has been taken, that has paralleled the urgency we face today.

This environmental catastrophe, which affects all humans and innocent living organisms too, needs to be discussed at an international level more actively, followed by deliberate measures. It is also crucial to recognize an individual's contribution in this growing epidemic and responsibility to take actionable steps in finding the required solutions. This entails the basics - understanding how human activities are demolishing the ecosystem and creating awareness on the problem. Additionally, acknowledging that each individual plays a part by producing their own carbon footprint, which is the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person.

Eliminating polluting methods to carry out our daily operations is an important aspect to ensure we cut down carbon emissions. For example, you can walk to a place near your house instead of driving there.

My most recommended action would be to educate yourself to create sustainability in your lifestyle and community. Learn about every aspect of climate crisis, how it impacts human survival as well as the impacts of human activity on our planet's natural ecosystem.

Everything you learn, no matter how trivial, share with your friends and every human you know. Ignorance is bliss, yet it will also lead to our ultimate destruction.


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