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The World is Waking Up: Global Climate Strikes

Maryam and Nivaal Rehman | Toronto, Canada

The world is waking up. People are more concerned than ever about the status of climate change, the way our planet is headed, and understand the urgency of this issue. Young people, are leading mass movements calling for climate action from world leaders. We want our leaders to understand that we simply cannot fail to take action any longer. The intense climate emergencies that are arising, from forest fires, to hurricanes are taking people's lives, making them become climate refugees, and threatening our futures.

Many people used to believe that the climate crisis would never impact them in their lifetimes.

Whenever we used to have conversations about climate change, it would always seem like the world was doomed, but nothing was going to happen until a hundred years from now, into some distant future where none of us would be alive anymore.

The rise of climate emergencies over the past few years are proof that indeed, none of us will be spared from this crisis, and we must take action now.

Last year, a remarkable young woman whose name has become synonymous with climate action, Greta Thunberg, began striking outside the Swedish parliament every Friday. Greta was calling for the Swedish government to take additional steps to protect our environment. Soon enough, more young people joined her with her school strikes, and what started as a strike with one person climaxed this past week, when more than 7 million people have been reported to participate in climate strikes globally. In an impressive demonstration of the international demand for climate action, these people have made it clear that our governments have no choice but to take the necessary action to protect our planet. There are also several other climate activists worth mentioning, because of the work they have been doing for many years to protect our planet. Here are some articles featuring other amazing young climate activists:

Governments, and corporations around the world owe it to all of us, to take responsibility for the exploitation of natural resources and the destruction of the one planet we call home.

We had an incredible time participating in the Global Climate Strike in Toronto yesterday.

To be able to march with so many people who believe in Climate Justice, and are demanding action to protect our futures, was an empowering and unforgettable experience.

In Toronto itself, there were at least 15,000 people, and numbers were predicted to go up to 50,000! It is amazing to see how the world is waking up, and won’t stop protesting until our governments take our voices seriously and take action. Thank you to everyone who has joined this cause, led movements around the world, and stood up for Climate Justice.

We wore our Blue Dot T-Shirts, because of the incredible work the David Suzuki Foundation's Blue Dot Campaign has been doing to fight for a healthy environment in Canada. We have been working with them since 2016, and support their cause of trying to have the Right to a Healthy Environment added to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Only then, can we truly “Protect the People and Places We Love.” We encourage you all to continue to stand up until change comes, and raise your voices for this cause. 🌍🍃✊🏼


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