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Real-Life Super Heroes: Protecting Us All During a Global Pandemic

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Maliha Khan | Srinagar, Kashmir

The past few months have made it clear that we are living in truly bizarre times. We are living through the pages of history. When our future generations will read about the COVID-19 pandemic, I don’t know exactly what they will know about it, but I know for sure that our frontline workers will be declared the heroes. To their surprise, the heroes of this global crisis will not be anything like any of us ever imagined typical heroes to be. 

The heroes of the pandemic are as unusual as the pandemic itself. Or should I say they are the usual, hidden heroes (who are often unrecognized for their efforts)?

They don’t wear capes or have a metal body. They don’t carry around weapons or walk in a suit of armour. They are our warriors without weapons. They wear a white coat or scrubs and other uniforms. If you’re looking for a cape on their shoulders you might find a stethoscope instead. Their hands don’t have shooter gauntlets but rubber gloves. Yes, they aren’t super strong; they can’t defend themselves. But regardless of this, they put their lives at risk every day to protect us. 

Who are these heroes you might ask? They are the frontline workers, the doctors, the nurses, the cleaners, the police officers, the government officials, the grocery workers, the pharmacists, and the drivers delivering essentials. Basically, everyone who is keeping this world moving forward during this time. As we stay indoors, working, or studying from home, sheltered inside comfortably, we need to thank all those who make it possible for us to do so. For those among us who choose to go outdoors, I encourage you all to practise physical distancing and follow health precautions so that you, and others around you are kept safe.

I have to thank every doctor and nurse who is working day and night to help Coronavirus patients, while putting themselves into danger. They bravely fight a battle every day against this invisible enemy, risking their own safety, because in some areas they are working without proper protection gear, limited equipment and a scarcity of supplies. Their sacrifices are beyond what we can imagine. Not only do they risk exposure to this fast-growing virus but they also sacrifice their personal lives. While they work hard so the affected people can be with their loved ones again, they themselves haven’t caught a glimpse of their families for days. While we’ve always commemorated the soldiers who gave their lives fighting wars and defending our countries, right now we need to remember and honour the medical professionals who lost their lives, helping others fight the virus while being defenceless themselves. 

Thank you to our every day heroes. The ones we wish "Good Morning!" to every day. The underpaid and under-appreciated cleaners and garbage collectors. I admire and respect the smiling man who waits at our door every day to collect the garbage knowing that he is putting himself in danger for our safety. It’s so heartening to see them come to our doors every day, keeping our community clean and safe. Thank you to the grocery store workers, the vegetable vendors, and the grocery deliverers. Thank you for always filling the shelves up with food and the essentials.

We need to recognize that these people are the essential workers of our society, the ones who make the basic functioning of our societies possible. We can’t thank them enough for that. They deserve all the gratitude in the world.



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