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Ladies First

Ruby Rajesh Yadav | Mumbai, India

There are many possible answers to the question, "What is that you want to be?" But if a girl who has been caged since she was born was to answer this question, she would say that she doesn't want to be a writer or a doctor or a pilot or an engineer but instead all she wants is to be heard! We all tend to be holding back when celebrating who we are and what we want to be in our life.

But truth be told we all want to break the silence, the buried voices and want to be heard not once but every single time.

There are no rules in life until we make some for ourselves. It is important to include our ability to express our emotions and make others understand what is bothering us in those rules too. We have always been wanting to be heard by letting our opinions reach the right set of people for tomorrow's betterment. We need equal power and not just a priority in the eyes of law. Achieving this change all starts from within.

'Ladies first' is a phrase which is often used in many societies. This phrase originated as a form of etiquette, and was meant to give women precedence and preference in different situations. But do we truly act on this?

Many women and girls are denied their rights and equal opportunities, so how is this term continuously used? In reality, men are given preference in terms of the opportunities they are given, and in terms of the chances they get at pursuing their goals. When it really matters, women are not “first,” but often found left behind.

If a girl is born, and her family accepts her the way she is and educates her to be best, and truly does act upon the belief that women should be “first” and given preference, she'll grow up to be an empowered woman, who can play the roles that society has set out for her, whether that is a daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, and especially the roles she seeks to pursue, whatever her dreams may be.

And for this to happen, all she needs to be is HEARD! To be heard, women must be given preference in practise, and lifted up in a manner that will truly have an impact, and given the opportunities they need to succeed.

Together, we can make a difference, and ensure that women and girls are able to achieve their true potential.



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