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Five Reasons I Dream of Becoming a Doctor

Mona Nowarah | Whitby, ON

As a student entering my final year of high school this September, I have thought a lot about the type of career path I want to take. Over time, it became apparent that pursuing a job in the medical field, particularly as a family doctor, was the most suitable path for me. While many people aspire to be a doctor because of its high pay, there are additional and equally significant reasons that play into my decision as well. From the studying process to the actual functionality of the job, here are five reasons why I aspire to be a doctor.


1. Helping people directly

Good health is something we take for granted. It is only after we fall sick or get injured that we remember how lucky we are. In poor health conditions, people are often left in pain or fatigue, unable to work or function as they typically do. Due to the application of scientific research and studies in universal healthcare, many people are able to receive the needed medical treatment from doctors to help them return to their best condition and sometimes even save them from death. In this way, doctors and health workers serve as heroes, and who does not want to be a hero?

2. Doing Hands-on work

Unlike in some jobs, doctors are able to apply their learning practically. In medical schools and in the workplace, they must learn how to use certain tools and supplies while learning other key skills like inserting stitches and performing CPR. As someone who learns better whilst using their hands, I feel like this method of learning would be most effective for me. Such tasks make me feel as though I am truly understanding what I am being taught and encourage me to continue learning as well.

3. Learning about medicine

This may be obvious, but the world of medicine is very complex and there is abundant information to learn. While we already know so much about the human body, animals, viruses, and bacteria, there is still much that is certainly unknown. There is lots of room for various studies and research to be done. Along with this, information is constantly being updated and added. This characteristic makes learning more like a never-ending exploration. As someone who enjoys learning, this is something that I admire about the field!

4. Developing communication skills

In order to be a doctor, you must have amazing communication skills. They must master the ability to effectively listen and respond appropriately to their coworkers/patients while making medical decisions, explaining, or even trying to create a comfortable atmosphere. I am a person who lacks this skill in everyday life. In medical schools, students are regularly tested in their communication skills through group work and presentations. Being in such an important position can force someone like myself to leave their comfort zone and develop this skill fast and effectively.

5. Building connections with the community

As mentioned previously, good communication skills are very important when studying or pursuing a career as a doctor or actually fulfilling the career. Because of this, many med-students and doctors end up forming many strong friendships and relationships with people in their community, clinic, or hospital. As a more introverted person, this will help me be more extroverted and destress by talking with people around me.


These five reasons provide a glimpse into the factors that make this career path ideal for me. Surely, I suggest you look into becoming a doctor if you are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field as well. Who knows how many lives we could save!



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