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Don’t Ever Forget the Importance of Your Voice

By: Ayesha Khan |

Have you ever been a victim of the “ you’re not old enough to understand” epidemic? Let’s be honest, schools and governments are institutions where this phrase is uttered on a daily basis. Throughout our whole lives as a young person, teachers, politicians, governments, and evidently society have been telling us that our opinions aren’t as important until we have “grown up”. Our voice is often undermined and undervalued by society. The youth voice is SO important because we are the only ones who have grown up in a (fairly) tolerant society and our opinions are a fresh and new perspective to what older generations think.

Our voices are unfiltered, raw, and usually not motivated by corruption, and these qualities are vital for a society.

Other than the fact that our voices have value, it’s also important to listen to us because we are a part of this society and have a right to be included and acknowledged. We want to be heard, we want to feel like we are a part of the community, and we want our voices to count!

All individuals, whether young or old should feel like their voices matter and have an impact on society.

The more people start listening to our voices, the more included and involved we are going to feel in the community. Just making youth feel involved can lead to such great things   The importance of our voice is beyond what words can describe. The adults in our lives and in society often dismiss our voices because of our age, but we must remember that OUR voices are going to build OUR future, and that no one else will build our future better than ourselves. Don’t ever forget the importance of your voice, no matter what society tells you about being too young to matter.


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