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Beyond the Post: Learning, Activism and Advocacy Guide

Maryam and Nivaal Rehman | Toronto, Canada

As activists and journalists, it has always been important for us to stand up for the causes we believe in, and amplify the message that movements like#BlackLivesMatter are sharing. But, we also understand the importance of bridging the gap between the problems that exist in the world, and what our audience can do to help/take action. In this learning, activism and advocacy guide that we have put together, you can find a place to start when trying to support the#BlackLivesMatter movement.

In this article, we are sharing our guide so that you can access some resources you can use to learn, act, and advocate during this time. There are lists of books, movies/documentaries and podcasts to educate yourself about racism, and the lives experiences of black people. We also have petitions you can sign, and advocacy campaigns you can join by emailing/calling government offices. Next, there are lists of organizations, bail funds, black-owned businesses, victims, and protestors you can donate to. Lastly, we have included change makers we know and learn from, as well as additional resource guides you can consult.

This is in no way the be-all and end-all guide to take action or make a difference, but it is a place to start. Most of all, we just want to emphasize the importance of ACTION, which is the biggest way we can support black communities and people in their fight for justice right now and beyond.

At The World With MNR, one of the causes we stand for, is inclusivity. This can manifest in many ways, and during this time, it means including and uplifting the voices of black communities, resources and actionable tools that people can use to support them.

We hope that this guide provides a tool that you can use to begin your journey of activism, allyship and advocacy for important causes like the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.


Learning: Read Books to Build Your Knowledge

Learning: Watch Films/Videos to Build Your Knowledge

Learning: Listen to Podcasts, Friends, Colleagues and more

Advocating: #8CantWait by Campaign Zero

Activism: Support Black-Owned Businesses

Activism: Amplify Voices of Changemakers and Share Resource Guides

Pass it On

This fight to end racism and injustice against black communities did not start today, and neither will it end today. We need to change the systems that perpetuate racism and inequalities in order for justice, equality and equity to thrive worldwide. Just because the problem is big, or seems impossible to solve, does not mean that we can’t do our part to insight some sort of change.

So we urge you all, to go beyond the social media post, and take action to support this important cause. Together, we CAN have an impact.


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