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Being the Change Maker that Moves The World

Jacqueline Yepez Suárez | Cancun, Mexico

Once talking with my father he told me “The world is divided in two groups, the ones that get on when it moves and the ones that make it move” and then, he asked me “Which group do you want to belong to?” Those words made me reflect and I realized the importance that each individual has in this world; each one of us has different education, beliefs, values and thoughts, that change our perception of reality as we grow, that forge us an opinion about the things that happen around us and that lead our daily actions.

Each one of us has something unique and valuable to contribute in the society where it lives, each one has a voice and when we decide to raise it we activate the gears that turn on the motor that makes the world moves.

Nowadays, we the young people have a very different vision to the one that other generations had at our age, because there is an enormous desire for change, for equity, for a more peaceful and inclusive society in which social justice is the center of everything, but we need to be heard and supported by our authorities, from our families, to our rulers. Thanks to the technological and cultural advances that our generation has gone through we are able to have an open and knowledge-rich mind, with a global vision and with great emphasis on empathy and this is the reason why our opinion about the organization and the social issues of the place where we live is valuable and transcendent.

We are carriers of creativity, innovation, perseverance and passion, we must not waste that great potential we have, let's make a difference with our actions, our relationships...with our dreams and demand to be heard. Only then we can make the motor turns on.


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