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Norah Nowarah

Norah Nowarah is a first year political science student at the University of Ontario - Institute of Technology. Also a part of the Youth Activism Program, Norah has participated in numerous efforts (i.e. organizing a fundraiser for the Yemen humanitarian crisis, creating mattresses using milk bags for the homeless in Durham,... ) to help those less fortunate and to promote advocacy both within her university and her community. The Palestinian-Canadian is passionate about doing the most she can to ensure the needs and rights of all people are met and fulfilled regardless of their race, gender, economic status, etc. That being said, Norah is continuously fascinated by the field of law and its importance to society, hoping to be a future lawyer herself. Currently, Norah is travelling the Middle East and learning about the troubles it's people face in detail, as well as the way their political/legal systems have been designed.