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digital + Activism = digitivism

The Digital Activism Revolution. The World With MNR’s weekly Instagram campaign, as part of its #Digitivism movement, which is bringing activists the tools they need to change the world. Discover our suite of weekly productions below:


Les Incroyables

An instagram show 

dedicated to sharing the stories of guests from around the world who are doing inspiring work, and using their platforms to inspire change.


Art of advocacy

Sharing advocacy tips through Instagram stories, reels and posts, as well as actions individuals can take to advocate for different causes.


What's up

in the world?

A segment on Instagram stories, reels and posts sharing world news relevant to The World With MNR's focus areas.


Beyond the post

Learning, Activism and Advocacy Guides sharing resources our audience can use to make a difference for various causes.


culture cruise

Travel memories shared through Instagram stories, reels and photographs, featuring various insights into cultures around the world.


Pink Tea

Casual conversations with girls around the world, discussing their journeys into activism, their thoughts on advancing women's political power, and how to tackle the biggest issues facing girls in their regions.


Herstory Hour

Sharing the stories of inspiring women's herstories from the past and the present who people have not heard in the mainstream, to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire other girls to dream big.


Terra Talks

A segment on Instagram reels, posts and stories highlighting tips for living a sustainable lifestyle, eco-friendly companies to support, and taking action for the climate around the world.


Mindful moments

A segment on Instagram stories, reels and posts sharing advice on self-care that individuals can follow as they end off one week and start another.

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