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Alyssa Gandini

Storytelling Director

Alyssa Schiavon Gandini is a passionate Brazilian filmmaker and gender equality activist that lives in São Paulo, where she graduated in Social Communications and Filmmaking in 2018. She has taken part as a volunteer in the NGO CISV ( for about 10 years teaching and learning about peace education among other topics where she had contact and created friendships with over 30 different nationalities around the world. She has worked for Disney twice and describes both experiences as the top 5 best things she has done in her life. She was also one of the aspiring filmmakers that participated in Disney and Girl Up's  Dream Big Princess Project in 2018, where she met Maryam and Nivaal. Her interests include singing, reading, drawing, writing, watching movies, anything to do with arts really and she simply loves animation, which was the main reason she studied Filmmaking in the first place. She even has her own poetry page on instagram called @criandocasulos, where she posts her poems and artworks. She currently works as a Post Production coordinator for a well known company in the field called Cinecolor Digital, dealing with clients like Disney, Sony Pictures and also Paramount.

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