Nature Spotlight: Deosai National Park

Ayesha Mahmood | Sargodha, Pakistan A"tourist spot" is a place of interest where tourists visit to see natural beauty, to enjoy leisure and amusement, and to enjoy the best time with their friends and family at their favourite places. It is said that: Live With No Excuses And Travel With No Regrets My favourite tourist spot is Deosai National Park. It is located in the Northern Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is the second-highest plateau in the world. The word Deosai means “The Land of Giants”. However, the local Balti name of Deosai is Ghbiarsa which means “summer’s place”. This is because it is only accessible in the summer season, and during the winter season, it is inaccessible due to heavy snowfall. So, the best time to visit Deosai is from June to August when the place is blooming with the fragrance of wild flowers. The beauty of this land lies in its unpredictable weather. No one can predict whether it will be sunny or cloudy, because for most of the day, the sun and clouds play hide and seek. If there is sunlight at the moment, then the very next moment the clouds will block the sunlight. The thing I love the most about Deosai is its peace and deafening silence. It is a place where you can forget about almost everything. You can forget all your worries there. The lush green grass can remove all of your anxieties, depression and stress. The fresh fragrance of flowers will refresh your mind and will make you fall in love with Deosai for sure. Deosai has mix of plains, hills, lakes and mountains. It is also home to an endangered Himalayan Brown Bear. Ibex, red fox, golden marmot, gray wolf and snow leopards can also be seen. Over 340 species of wild flowers spread across the plains of Deosai and the bird song of more than 200 kinds of birds fill the air. There are many lakes and streams in Deosai, and these lakes and streams are a great source of fishing. Sheosar Lake is one of the biggest lakes in this area. Sheosar Lake is also known as “Blind Lake” or “Andi”, and it is also one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. During spring, Sheosar Lake is surrounded by millions of beautiful wildflowers. If you decide to camp here, it will surely be the best experience of your life. The heavenly view of watching trillions of stars here will take your soul beyond this world. Concluding all this, if you want to see a piece of heaven in this world than you must visit Deosai.

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