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Why It's Important to Protect our Environment

Mehmoona Usman | Mianwali, Pakistan

Protecting the environment should be as important as the protection of your own life

Primarily, we all should be aware of the term environment. All living things survive within their own favourable zones of the environment - thus the environment is not something that can be neglected easily without caring for it. Indeed, the Lord hath created a flexibility in the environment for all of organisms existing on Earth. Although the environment can continue to survive in its natural state, human intervention has caused extensive destruction in many ecosystems. It is very important for us to protect our environment, so that we can continue to live on this planet - in a healthy and safe atmosphere.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is playing a major role in protecting the environment, and they carry out an extensive range of functions to do so. Their primary responsibilities include:

• Environmental licensing

• Enforcement of environmental law

• Environmental planning, education and guidance

• Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the environment

• Regulating Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions

• Environmental research development

• Strategic environmental assessment

• Waste management

• Radiological protection

The EPA is holding its proper position in different countries throughout the world. The responsibilities mentioned above are stated in their own website, and they carry out these responsibilities to protect the environment, and lead our lives towards safety and security from environmental hazards.

Humans should be the light to illuminate darkness in the lives of those who are inhaling misery, We should save our own lives, animals and birds breathing in our environment

We should have to protect the environment not for only living creatures, but for the plants and trees that provide even more benefits to us directly - they provide us with oxygen which we need to breathe. Industrial and developed countries are also facing threats of being polluted and affected by the detrimental environmental impact made by human actions.

Waste disposed in our water sources, is brutalizing aquatic life and pollution from factories, our usage of plastic bags, and pollutants released from vehicles, are all all factors that are contributing to climate change. Many of Earth’s resources are being depleted by humans, the results of which are hazardous to lives of many globally.

There have been many agreements, which have been officially signed between countries to prevent the harmful impact of human activities on nature and the climate. It's helpful to some extent, but the targets set during these agreements are often not met and the effects of climate change are left unmitigated.

Here are some actions we can take to do our own part in contributing towards a greener future. We should not think that a single person can not make a difference, because change always originates from the actions started by a single person; we have to start somewhere to reach our goals.

• Using reusable bags

• Measuring your own safety measures and asking others to do the same.

• Using fewer chemical irritants.

• Taking all protection measures that are necessary for saving the environment from pollution (using public transit, reducing electricity use when possible, etc.)

• Planting more and more trees. There are many benefits associated with doing so, and you can learn more about them here.

• Reducing our use of artificial fertilizers in our gardens/farms. Using fertilizers multiple times results in the loss of soil fertility, they get washed away in rains too and can contaminate nearby water sources like rivers, streams, and lakes.

If we all do our part, and work towards reducing our negative environmental impact, we will benefit ourselves. This would allow us to rebuild a healthy relationship with nature. A cleaner environment would also reduce the health problems humans face, including lungs diseases, heart attacks, infections, and cancer caused by the pollutants existing in our environment.

We should protect our environment to create a better lifestyle for ourselves. Otherwise we would be consciously participating in the calamities of destroying our planet, and humans, as well as all other living things on Earth would face a great loss.

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