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Why is it important to save the Environment?

Sara Khalid | Pakistan

Our planet Earth, is a place that provides us with all the necessities of life. It is a very beautiful place to live but sadly we’ve destroyed so many of the Earth's resources. Actually, we took the Earth's provisions for us, for granted for so long that we just forgot that the Earth is giving us food, shelter, and water for example. And in past 50 years, we have seen an increasing threat to our environment due to human activities.

We humans are being cruel to our planet, and focusing only on what we can get from it, instead of understanding the consequences of our actions. As it is rightly said, “The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” Everyday, we are producing tons of degradable and non-degradable waste and we litter everywhere.

Smoke from factories in industrial areas, the harmful chemicals found in waste that we pour into our oceans, or the carbon emissions from cars are destroying our planet. In addition, although we know that 7 billion people on Earth depend upon very limited fresh water sources, we are not concentrating on preserving them. In the near future, water will become a scarce resource because of our increasing use of fresh water, and the pollutants which are decreasing our fresh water supply. These are all facts that we have grown up learning about as Millennials.

We build roads and factories that destroy the ecosystems that were in their place. We are causing damage to Earth due to luxuries like ACs, heating systems and refrigerators. We are neglecting the harm that using these products is causing to our environment. The impact of these, includes a hole in the Ozone layer, and UV radiation becoming more dangerous. We are now feeling the effects of Climate Change more than ever before.

We are using non-renewable resources to produce electricity instead of sustainable solutions like solar power, and wind energy. We think we will adjust as the time passes, but this is a completely wrong assumption. We need to stop neglecting the dangers of climate change, and the negative effects which are leading to people dying every year. When we can make rockets, huge buildings, and develop advanced technologies, then why can’t we save the Earth? It is easy to ignore the problem of Climate Change, but if we don't do something about this, we will face dire consequences. The following phrase makes me so guilty:

"I think I just heard Mother Nature cry"

The indifferent attitude of people towards nature is making the Earth cry. It’s time to give back what we have taken from our nature and environment. Taking action for our planet, raising public awareness, and making little changes to our lifestyles is essential. It’s time to think about the Earth, and take action before it is too late. As it is Rightly said:

“We won't have a society if we destroy the environment"

Note from Editors: For more information on the science behind climate change, please visit the following links:


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