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Together for Gender Equality Week

Sarah Hassan | Whitby, Canada

Through the week of September 22 to 28 2019, let’s come together and show our support for Gender Equality across Canada!

Gender Equality Week was officially put into effect on June 21, 2018, and is the result of Bill C-309, the Gender Equality Week Act.

Gender equality is not just about supporting women, but rather promoting inclusion, equality and equity among all genders.

This week is a time for all of Canada to stand united and celebrate all the steps we have made towards Gender Equality – while also thinking about how we can keep improving things as well.

Equality is about treating all people in the same manner, and promoting fairness. The truth is that when a country actively takes steps in a sincere effort to bridge gaps and unite people, it creates a better world for all of us. From things like peace, happiness and creating more opportunities, to a better economy, by removing the barriers of gender inequality, everyone is able to have their best chance at living their best life.

To date, there are many positive changes that have come about due to the focus on creating gender equality by encouraging and supporting women. For example, increasing the number of women in STEM and in the trades.

Additionally, the government is actively taking action against the gender wage gap, and also ensuring that there is unfailing support systems in place for women and even families by investing money on National Housing to support education for women.

All that aside, what are some things that we all can do, locally, within our communities and even ourselves to help address these issues and make a change? Easy. Even something as small as leading a group discussion to share opinions, spread knowledge and generate awareness can create change and inspire people.

Simply start off by educating yourself on these issues, get involved with initiatives, and you may surprise yourself at what you can do!

Gender Equality is a goal that we work towards, something that unites us as a country, a body, a world. And that, in itself, is something worth celebrating.


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