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Tips To Sharpen Up The Human Engine

Ayesha Habib|Pakistan Have you ever noticed how car owners always look for good quality fuel and engine oil? Why? Because they want their car's engine to work at its best for a longer time. The engine is the control center of a vehicle, carrying out many functions in a separate or coordinated way. If it works well, the car goes well. To avoid a troublesome journey, it always needs good quality fuel, occasional greasing, proper rests, maintenance checks, and such. The brain is the human body's engine that works day and night. Compromising a total of 2 percent of body weight and weighing around 1.4 kilograms, the human brain is the most remarkable engine found. It plays a vital role in the regulatory functions of the human body. From processing thoughts to feel up emotions, pain, or pleasure, movements all come under it. Intelligence, creativity, and memory are some of the other functions governed by the brain. Unlike the mechanical brain, the human brain can not get petrol-fueled or greased. But its quality performance can be maintained or achieved by following some science-backed habits.

1. A Good Sleep: "Prioritizing sleep is kind of self love". Sleeping for an average of 7-9 hours of the night seems ideal for a young person. It allows the brain to rest and remove toxins created while awake. It refreshes mood and recharges the body for daytime activities. It also increases knowledge retention and has a good effect on short and long-term memory. A night of good sleep is also helpful for reducing stress and a stable mood. It plays a role in boosting the immune system and controlling metabolism. Lack of sleep can result in less efficient outcomes and can give rise to many health problems. 2. Healthy Food: "You are what you eat".

Daily consumed food has a direct effect on the brain's health. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet gives the brain energy to concentrate and proceed with the information. It also stimulates good learning outcomes of the brain. Adding vitamins and omega-three fatty acid, fiber, and calcium-rich food to your diet improves cognitive functions and protects the brain. Fatty fish, olive oil, nuts, green leafy vegetables, eggs, and fruits are a few examples of nutrition-rich foods for the brain. Drinks containing antioxidants such as green tea, apple juice, and coffee are also promising for good memory and healthy brain functions. Avoid highly processed foods, excess alcohol intake, sugary drinks, artificial sweeteners to maximize your brain functions. A moderate healthy food diet can also reduce the risk of having neurological diseases such As Alzheimer's. 3. Communicating with positive people: "Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher." Communication with positive people leaves a good impact on the brain's growth. It tends to be effective, constructive and colored with good emotions. Keeping yourself in the company of positive people helps to regulate an affirmative mindset. It keeps you safe from overstressing, anxiety, and other whelming emotions. A stress-free mind offers to be more productive in overall performance. 4. Physical and Mental Exercise: "Exercise not only changes your body, but it also changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood." Working out has multiple effects on the brain's performance. Doing daily exercise increases heart rate that improves blood flow to the brain. It also seems effective to reduced stress hormone levels. Aerobic exercise like swimming, running, and strength training like weight lifting improves the quality of sleep. It also causes the brain to release endorphins making us happier. Physical movement also stimulates the growth of new brain cells, boost memory and thinking.

Another way to achieve peak working conditions of the brain is related to Mental exercise. Solving a jigsaw puzzle, learning a new skill, and solving tricky questions help sharpen the brain and improved mental productivity. All things considered, greasing is of great importance, not alone for the car's engine but for the human one too. Regularly implementing the above tips can boost up the brain's performance.


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