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The Ultimate Wellness Challenge To Follow While Staying At Home

Maryam and Nivaal Rehman | Toronto, Canada

In March, we launched a14-Day Wellness Challenge with Girls Lead Worldwide! During this difficult time, creating and following along with the activities from this challenge was incredibly uplifting. All the activities are meant to help participants stay healthy and positive. We are thrilled with the impact the campaign has already had, and hearing feedback from people who have been following along with the activities in the campaign. The activities were all shared an posted on Julie Carrier, founder of Girls Lead Worldwide's social media.

We are sharing the various days of the wellness challenge here so you can all follow along too!

Day 1: Baking

Wellness Challenge Day 1:

Bake something fun! Baking can be a great activity to immerse yourself in, as it gets you engaged off-screen and can serve as a de-stressor. It’s also an awesome opportunity for you to get a family member to join in! 🥧

Day 2: Writing

Wellness Challenge Day 2:

Writing! Writing is a great way to express your thoughts. Writing on a piece of paper or a journal is a great way to engage the creative parts of your brain, and get a break from electronics. We recommend writing without stopping for 5 minutes straight, even if you’re just writing “I don’t know what to write!” Then, find a creative writing prompt online and write a poem, short story or essay! If you’re comfortable, share your poem, story or essay with a family member or friend!

Day 3: Skin Care

Wellness Challenge Day 3:

Skin care! Skin care is an amazing way to achieve wellness. Take the extra time you have at home to develop a skincare routine, and take more time out of your schedule to take care of your skin!

Day 4: Podcast

Wellness Challenge Day 4:

Podcast! Listening to a motivational podcast can be a great way to learn something new, and get some time to yourself off-screen. The great part about podcasts, is that you can listen to them while doing other activities like taking a walk outside, doing a workout, cleaning up your room, or rearranging your home decor!

Day 5: Adding Fruit

Wellness Challenge Day 5:

Adding Fruit and Veggies! Especially now, it is important to have strong and healthy immune systems. Try eating something healthy today, like fruit, to your meals or replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy ones! Fruits are just one suggestion. You can add vegetables, replace sugary cereals with oatmeal, or replace chips with nutrition-packed nuts!

Day 6: Get Active

Wellness Challenge Day 6:

Get Active! Practicing “physical distancing” doesn’t mean you can’t get active! Find a space in your home where you can get active by dancing, doing some crunches, or following along a fitness video online. Your home or backyard can become your gym! The best part? The only equipment you need is yourself!

Day 7: Painting

Wellness Challenge Day 7:

Painting! Any artistic or creative activity is a great way to de-stress. Choose something creative you love to do, try something new, or revisit an activity from your childhood! Painting is just one of many activities to choose from. Colouring is also very fun for people of all ages. Print some sheets from your computer or if you already have a colouring book, use it!

Day 8: Outdoors

Wellness Challenge Day 8:

Outdoors! Spend the day taking a walk, riding a bike, or running outside. Getting some fresh air is great for your immune system, and an awesome way to lift your spirits. Take some photos while you’re outside, listen to a podcast, or read a book under the shade of a tree! Spending some quality time in nature is an excellent way to de-stress, so make sure you get outside at least once a day!

Day 9: Tea Time

Wellness Challenge Day 9:

Tea Time! Drink some herbal tea, or try a new recipe for tea that you have never tried before. Tea has some amazing health benefits, and is great for strengthening your immune system. Drink your tea while sitting under the sun, reading a book, listening to a podcast, or having a#virtualteaparty with your friends!

Day 10: Reading

Wellness Challenge Day 10:

Reading! Reading is one of the best ways to engage your imagination, and get swept away to a whole new world. It engages your brain and keeps it active, while being a fun and enjoyable activity. Do you have books sitting at home that you never got a chance to read? Read them now! Many libraries also provide free books to read online, so be sure to visit them to see different options of books you can read.

Day 11: Yoga Session

Wellness Challenge Day 11:

Yoga Session! Yoga is a great way to get active, and de-stressed. Find a space in your home where you can follow along an online yoga tutorial, or look at a few poses you can practise. Doing yoga in a quiet environment while practising deep breathing exercises is a great way to get oxygen in your brain, relax, and improve your overall health.

Day 12: Letters

Wellness Challenge Day 12:

Letters! Write a letter to your future self, your younger self, a friend, a family member, or leaders that inspire you! Writing letters is a great way to get creative, improve your writing skills, and reach out to people who you love and admire.

Day 13: Smoothies

Wellness Challenge Day 13:

Smoothies! Try a healthy superfood or healthy recipe that you have never had before. Again, it is very important during this time to make sure you are eating healthy, and staying hydrated. Keep your immune system strong, and this will help you think positive and de-stress as well!

Day 14: Affirmations

Wellness Challenge Day 14:

Affirmations! You made it! We’re at the final day of the wellness challenge and for today, we want you to write down, or say some positive things about you! Share phrases that you really connect with and take the time to think about what you love about yourself. Are you creative? Are you a good dancer? Are you a positive role model? Write these things down! And don’t forget to always#beYOUtiful!

We hope that you enjoy following along this challenge as much as we did! We hope that you all stay well and stay safe!

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