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The Importance of Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity

Ammara Maqsood | Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan

Why is cultural diversity and inclusivity important in today’s society? 

Inclusiveness and diversity both, are comparatively new terms in our literature. In the past, you wouldn’t come across this much of variety in society because the modes of transportation which are available now, were not present then. Neither did we have the modes of communication that are easily accessible today, including mobile phones and the internet.

If you get your hands on time machine and visit a major city of the world such as New York, in the 19th century, chances are that first you will realize that almost everybody looks exactly same, talks in the same way and everyone behaves in a similar manner. This is not the case in modern-day New York, which is home to people of numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Nowadays, millions of people immigrate to different countries, even new continents than their own, to find a better living. Tourists are able to visit just about any city on the planet as well, and our transportation systems enable them to access these locations faster than ever before. As citizens of this modern world, we should embrace this phenomenon. As individuals, as countries and as a global society we can benefit a lot if we learn to agree to disagree, and to respect people who have different cultural and geographical orientations compared to us.

Here are the main reasons why we need a diverse and inclusive society:

1. We can learn from different perspectives, which can present new solutions to problems and improve our societies.

2. If we minimize discrimination and become more accepting, we can enable people to contribute positively to our communities and not hold them back.

3. Productivity and efficiency increases.

4. We become enriched through the blend of cultures, traditions, and ideas that emerge from diverse communities and accepting societies.

Note from the editors: In our global community today, we are able to learn from people from all sorts of cultures. This has enabled us to connect in ways that have never been possible in the history of humanity, and should be seen as an incredible opportunity. This series sharing ideas about cultural diversity and inclusivity from our writing interns, are designed to help us understand each other, respect our unique cultures, and move forward together.


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