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Our Future is Bright: but an Education Can Make It Brighter

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Sara Khalid | Pakistan

Let's talk about a topic which is not really highlighted in our society. Women's education. It really is important for a woman to get education. In most areas of Pakistan, women are not given the equal rights that they deserve, like the right to talk about what is on their minds and the right to get an education. Sometimes, religion is used as an excuse to prevent women from getting their education, but the dominant religion in the country (Islam) is nothing like many men in Pakistan have portrayed it as. In fact, Islam highlights the importance of ilaam and says to educate both men and women. Entire societies are built by the support of both men and women. To achieve one's full potential, it is important to first get an education.

Education does not just mean studies at school, college or university. An education is something that can transform you into a better person. In Pakistani society, being more informed and educated about the teachings of the Quran, which include how to build more inclusive and welcome environments, can help transform our society.

Sometimes, we are so focused on attaining a degree, that we forget the real reason why our education is important, or that it can be defined in many ways. An education can be of any type, but most of all, it should help transform societies into being areas with high standards of living for all of their people.

Today, we still have people who are preventing their children from going to school. Especially girls. As a response to this, awareness needs to be raised about the importance of an education, as well as the government reducing the school fees in impoverished areas so that getting an education is more accessible for them. More funding should be put into developing a curriculum that empowers students to become not just good students, but better citizens of the world as well. Awareness should also be raised regarding the benefits of educating women. Societies, as well as nations, have the potential to be incredible if their women are educated. In many articles covered by this blog, the clear benefits of educating women are highlighted.

To conclude, I must say that the lack of access to an education is a major problem we are facing here in Pakistan. Our people are not educated, and this has detrimental impacts through all levels of society, from the current economy, to the crime rate, to the prospects of future generations. Attention towards this issue is the need of hour. Our government should take this crisis seriously and should focus their efforts on building schools, starting awareness programs and making an education more accessible in the ways mentioned previously. Our future is bright, and it can only become better if we educate the people who make up our country.


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