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Notes on Climate Change: My Thoughts on the Global Climate Crisis

Abdul Rehman Nawaz | Faisalabad, Pakistan

Yes, people can believe that climate change is an enormous threat facing the future, not of a single country but of the planet. However, it’s not enough to just believe in something. You have to be ready to stand for something, and take action for it. Now, we all understand what climate change is, or what causes it, or what we are required to do in order to save our planet from the devastating affects of climate change. Rising sea levels, melting glaciers, drowning cities are just a few examples of what climate change is doing/will be doing in the near future, to our planet. We, humans have squandered a century in only understanding and raising awareness, posing the question what is Climate Change? And how it affects our lives both, directly and indirectly.

Our way of living (including our eating habits, our way of consuming non-renewable resources, etc.) has a directly proportional effect on our planet, Earth. Even after knowing that our way of living is having a disastrous affect on our planet, we have chosen to not change our actions as we should.

The question this raises now, is that after squandering so many precious years, what have we learnt from our mistakes? The answer is quite simple actually, nothing. Yes! Not-A-Thing. We have known these facts for a long time. For example, we have known that the very appliances that we frequently use in our homes emit harmful CFC Gases, which ultimately go up in the atmosphere and damage the Ozone layer. We have known for a long time that our cars, motorbikes and other fuel-run modes of transportation emit harmful gases that not only effect the Ozone layer of our planet, but are also a major contributor to worldwide pollution. There were so many products that were released to the public without properly assessing the negative environmental damage that they would cause.

We have established many recognizable and trustworthy institutions in an effort to clear the mess that we have spread, but where have we gotten to in so many years? Nowhere. We just keep on repeating our mistakes. We know that eating meat contributes to climate change but have we given up eating meat? The answer is no. We know that we should use public transport over personal transport for commuting, but have we made that change as much as we need to? The answer is no.

The fact is that we know that we are the reason for the climate change but we still fail in correcting our errors. We are just too reluctant or in other words, too arrogant to acknowledge the fact that we are destroying Earth, minute by minute. People still knowingly will use private jets for attending Climate Change conferences. And to top the list, what about all the plastic that we have or are producing? It is literally suffocating our planet, but we fail in putting a straight up ban on these tools of destruction for one reason. Despite so many research studies that have been conducted and have all concluded that plastics are contributing to the damage of our planet, the reason things don't change is because these industries are very profitable for some people.

Now reaching to an end of this blog, I would like to say a few last things.

There is not an ounce of doubt that Climate Change is real or that it is caused by Global Warming. Climate Change is as real as it gets. Rising sea levels are destroying people’s homes in unprecedented floods. Animals in oceans are suffocating because of the plastics that we throw in there. Pollution levels in cities are causing health problems for so many people. These realities exist and continue to grow around the world.

The reason why we haven’t being able to tackle the drastic effects of Climate Change on our lives is because we are not willing to work on it as a Global Issue. Industries are more concerned about profits, than they are about global well-being. And this cruelty is going to cost us our planet, Earth, if we do not stop here. It is the responsibility of us all, to take the steps to change our lifestyle that are necessary to protect our planet.

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