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Maryam and Nivaal Just Released their Environmental Documentary!

Maryam and Nivaal Rehman | Toronto, Canada

Environmental sustainability, climate change, the right to a healthy environment, are all causes that we have always been passionate about, and worked to support as well. Whether it be through participating in our school's eco team, or volunteering with our local Blue Dot club (which is an initiative of the David Suzuki Foundation), we have always tried our best to take action for the environment.

We took our passion for the environment to the next level by filming an environmental documentary over this past year. We have been travelling around the Greater Toronto Area and even to Europe to film for this documentary. It features various interviews with environmental activists, photos and videos we have taken from around the world. It also raises awareness for environmental issues including the impacts of mining, the right to a healthy environment, climate change and highlights how you can make a difference.

Some of the people who we interviewed in the documentary include:

Dr. David Suzuki

Canadian Academic, Science Broadcaster and Environmental activist. He is also the founder of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Cameron R. Brown

International Speaker, National Geographic Explorer and Evironmental Activist. He is also the founder of The Thriving Collective.

Sydney R. Lang

BCL/LL.B. Candidate, Faculty of Law, McGill University and Mining Activist.

Andrew Wong

National Geographic Explorer and environmental activist.

Julia Barnes

Filmmaker and Activist for Ocean Conservation and Protection, director of documentary Sea of Life.

Jackie Prime

Anthropologist, Public Speaker and founder of Prime Earth.

Kale Black

Environmental Activist and Program Coordinator at Burlington Green.



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