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Kids Career Workshop in Gilgit, Pakistan

Zahra Noreen | Gilgit, Pakistan

A selfie with schoolchildren during the workshop at "Sanikot Gilgit" Government School, in Gilgit Baltistan

I joined "Foster Flagship Learning Pakistan" in March, 2019. This is a social enterprise with international collaborations, aiming at empowering Pakistani youth through its Leadership Program which helps to develop the essential skills required to have a successful career as a Professional or as an Entrepreneur. They have truly done what they promised.

After joining Foster, my life has totally changed;  there are times in your career that are intense for all the right reasons. The days I spent working with the organization, taught me things I use today and will help me in the future as well.

So many valuable experiences were compressed in a two-months time frame. There was so much gained in so little time. Foster aims to expand in 110 cities of Pakistan to build five essential skills in youth: Leadership, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Growth Mindset and Key Job skills. These skills are developed in different sessions by challenging activities and field projects.

We were assigned an "Outdoor Project" for learning named "Foster Kids Career Workshop" which was to conducted in schools. Alhamdulillah I, Zahra Nooreen, and my fellow Kanval Fatima have completed our outdoor project successfully in a Government school "Sonikot Gilgit" in Gilgit-Baltistan. It was a great experience to interact with passionate students there.



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