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How Young People can Make the Most of their Summer Vacation

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Ayesha Khan | Toronto, Canada

School is almost over and exams are right around the corner, which means that summer is here! We all know that summer isn't the most productive for the most of us, and it doesn’t have to be.

After all, the studying, all-nighters, and stress throughout the school year solicit a well-deserved break.However, for a large portion of the day, some of us are cooped up inside the house on our phones.

There are so many better things that we could be doing in the summer, but the lack of motivation really holds us down. Here are a few things you can do to make your summer the most productive it can be, and why you should be motivated to do so.

1. Look into different careers and education paths

This is for everyone – whether you’re in grade 9 and have no idea what you want to do in life, or you’re in grade 11 and you have your life set out, researching a variety of career paths over the summer can open up new perspectives and doors that you’ve never opened. There are so many careers that we don’t hear about at school, and some of these can only be found with some research on the internet.

If you feel like you haven't figured out what the ‘perfect’ career will be for you, take some time and dive into careers or education paths you’ve never considered or are considering. By the end of summer, have a list of careers that piqued your interest, and ask your teachers and mentors about them. Doing this can possibly set you up for your future career.

2. Start a business or a club

If you’ve ever wanted to change your community or make a difference, starting a business or club can pave the way. During the school year, you probably have a lot of different things going on already, and you don't have enough time to pursue your passion.

During the summer, you have plenty of time to get started and finally make your dream become a reality. So take this time, and make use of it! Grab a few friends and plan how you’re going to execute your business/club.

Not only does it build your resume, it can make you some extra money or help you make valuable connections. At my high school Sinclair Secondary, quite a few students have successfully started businesses, so don’t think it’s a stretch to believe that you’ll run a successful business. Start a clothing brand, catering service, charity service, makeup service, or tutoring service.

3. Find something to do next summer

While it's too late to enrol into summer programs for this summer, look into what you can do next year. There are a lot of programs for high school students at Canadian and American universities that can give you a taste of university life and careers. University of Toronto offers a week-long summer camp which I attended that lets you explore their entire science department.

Almost every university offers some sort of program where you can learn and make connections with teachers. If this isn't your thing, there are camps for almost anything: photography, art, writing, sports, etc.

A lot of these programs require an application, so apply before next summer.

4. Spend some time outside!

As students, we spend a lot of time indoors, doing anything from studying to watching Netflix. Make sure you get some fresh air over the summer to help yourself relax and reconnect with nature! Especially if you live in a cold environment like Canada, you need to spend as much time outside during these summer months as possible, because before long, it's going to be freezing again!


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