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Climate Change, Protecting the Environment, and My Favourite Nature Spot in My Community

Ammara Maqsood | Mandi Bhauddin, Pakistan

Climate Change

The term “climate change" refers to the change or transformation in the weather temperature, with which world is fighting a battle right now. It also refers to the rise in global temperature which the world has faced in last five to nine decades.

While our climate has changed many times in the course of the Earth's history, the accelerated, negative impacts that we are facing today are caused by the human beings living on Earth. We are the main cause of rapid change in the structure and composition of our atmosphere, and various natural settings.

The main cause of climate change is global warming, and global warming is directly related to human activities. Carbon emissions from cars, planes, and traditional sources of electricity, all disturb the composition of our Earth's atmosphere. These are facts that our generation has grown up learning about, and realities that we thought always existed. The status of climate change has only gotten worse in recent years however, and the need to take action is becoming greater. The world is impacted by dangerous weather events, like storms, tornadoes, floods and droughts, all of which have been increasing in frequency and intensity due to Climate Change.

Why is it important to protect our environment?

It is important to protect the environment for various reasons. The most important being that man-made systems are becoming the reason for the extinction of many ecosystems around the world. This is bound to have a negative impact on all living organisms in our planet, including both animals and humans. The man-made systems which were created to make the lives of humans easier, are destroying other creatures' habitats and it is our moral obligation to protect those habitats. The pollution which is a byproduct of our system, is creating problems for wildlife and humans alike.

The most important reason to protect our environment is because it helps protect ecosystems. Ecosystems are interconnected. Human changes affecting one ecosystem actually affect many different ecosystems at a time. Wildlife are not the only creatures that are being affected by pollution, for example. As a matter of fact, it impacts humans as well. Ocean pollution, for example, ends up affecting many creatures which humans eat later on - causing them to digest many dangerous toxins. The final reason is that humans have a moral obligation towards other creatures. We co-exist on this planet with so many other species, and it is not fair that they all have to suffer because of the actions of humans.

My favourite nature spot in my community

Photograph by Asif Saeed

My village is located in District Mandi Bhauddin, Pakistan. My favorite and nearest nature spot is the Rasool Barrage in Mandi Bhauddin. It is built on the River Jhelum in Punjab, Pakistan. It’s a popular picnic spot in the area and I use to visit it often. There are trees & water which always look beautiful at every visit. I have spent a lot of quality time there, and so it is my favourite nature spot. It is places like these that we should work to protect too, through climate action.

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