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Becoming the First Twin Valedictorians of our High School

Maryam and Nivaal Rehman | Toronto, Canada

High school was arguably the best four years of our lives so far, and we are so thankful that we got to

spend these years surrounded by so much love and support at Sinclair Secondary School. Whenever we wanted to organize an initiative, plan an event or fundraise for a particular cause, we were so grateful to have the support of the school administration, our

fellow students, and staff members. Our parents also played a huge role in this journey, as they supported every one of our initiatives and we could not have done

everything we did if it wasn't for them.

We recently had our high school commencement, and were honoured to be chosen by our school to be valedictorians together.

After spending some time away from the familiar environment of high school and exploring our post-secondary lives, the graduates of our school came together for commencement on November 1st, 2019.

What an incredible evening. It felt amazing to be able to come back to Sinclair last night and be surrounded by family, friends and all the amazing staff and students of our wonderful high school again.

It was also such an honour to be the first twin valedictorians of Sinclair. Thank you so much to everyone who nominated us and voted for us to be the valedictorians. It was also so special to meet our former teachers again, and thank you so much to Ms. Frazer for giving such a heartwarming introduction to our speech!

Finally, we want to thank our Appi, Sania, for coming to attend our ceremony all the way from Houston, and for our best friend Selena for making it in the end even after she had an exam and of course, thank you so much to our parents, Farhat Auntie and Arwa for coming and supporting us always. We love you all, and our hearts are so full after last night.

Here is a full video of our speech, which includes Ms. Frazer's introduction:

Here are some more memorable pictures from the night:



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