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An Education has the Power to Improve Societies, One Person at a Time.

Mahnoor Sargana | Islamabad, Pakistan

Growing up in an educated atmosphere at my urban station of Islamabad and trips to the rather illiterate environment of the countryside village, embedded the significance of education in my mind. Surrounded by groundless political affairs at the national level and baseless decisions that impact most salient and frivolous procedures of life made me realize that without knowledge, a person is bound and helpless. That knowledge truly is power. Power over how to navigate oneself through the jagged world and how to conduct oneself to be able to not indelibly bruise by the serrated predicaments you find yourself in.

Education is more than the formal definition of “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction”. It is enlightenment which influences ideas and aspires rightful conduct and actions in every sphere of life. It lodges a sense of rightfulness and responsibility that is important for oneself and everything around.

Inclusive and quality education is integral for national, regional and global development. Low literacy rates unsurprisingly are very detrimental for national development as it causes high unemployment rates which burdens the economy of a nation and lowers both community involvement and civic participation.

Despite the fact that provision of education should take precedence, I have witnessed literacy not being prioritized in households as well as political actions. 

Education is often only pursued because of the job position it promises, and not the values it instills in one’s character. If these values are absent in a person, they can be deprived of personal and professional success. An educational qualification never guarantees a job or a successful professional career. However, the process of attaining an education guarantees a mindful life filled with blissful moments and a hopeful attitude through dejected phases of life.

To conclude, an education is a vital aspect of life that should be greatly valued for the values it instills, the enlightenment it provides, and the positive changes it can bring in ones character. These aspects of an education should become the reason why everyone chooses to get educated, and why all governments around the world should promote it. If all people are educated, and believe in the power of their education, entire societies can be transformed, one person at a time.



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