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We’ve all heard stories of how people spectacularly succeeded after failing but it’s their success we eventually focus upon, not their failure. We treat their stories of failures as just that—stories. Knowing and discussing failures can have a huge impact on people of all ages. Letters to Her is a an initiative featuring letters by powerful and inspirational women written by them, for themselves in the past, but with the privilege of hindsight.

Let's talk about failure

Let's talk about what goes wrong. Or what doesn't work out perfectly. Let's normalise uncertainty and failure, equivocation and imperfection. 


Especially now. 

What the research says

In 2016, the cognitive-studies researcher Xiaodong Lin-Siegler of Columbia University’s Teachers College published a study which found that high-school students’ science grades improved after they learned about the personal and intellectual struggles of scientists including Einstein and Marie Curie.


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