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There are many people who believe that it's time we live in a world with gender equality. The Girlz, RTW (Run the World) Conferences, are meant to take that belief to the next level. These conferences will give girls around the globe access to skills training, empowerment and mentorship to pursue their dream career. This will help women around the world get access to the tools they need to prepare for the workforce, and increase workplace diversity by encouraging more women to pursue their dream careers.

There will be three main aspects to each conference: The Summit, Field Trips, and Mentorship. The summits and field trips will feature five streams: Storytelling, Sports, Advocacy, STEM and Business. 

The summit

The first part of the conference, the "Career Summit," will be run with a group of 100 girls at a time. They will have the opportunity to learn about careers in five different streams, participate in empowerment activities and workshops focusing on developing different skills, hear from guest speakers, and connect with the other girls in the program.

The field Trips

Following the Career Summit, "Career Field Trips" will be held. These will give participants the opportunity to visit a workplace from the stream they are most interested in. They will meet with someone who is working in that industry, and learn more about their career, while also participating in a hands-on activity that will help them experience the career.


The final part, Mentorship, will give girls the opportunity to apply to Girlz,FTW's existing mentorship platform, and get paired with a mentor for a six-month mentorship program which will guide them on how they can reach their career goals.

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Past Speakers

Nicol Perez

Nicol is the co-founder of GirlzFTW, the 5th and former United States Youth Observer to the United Nations, and currently works at Youth Leadership & Civic Education at Facebook.

Elizabeth is the Ontario Organizer for environmental rights at the Blue Dot Campaign, an initiative of the David Suzuki Foundation in Canada. 

Lianne Girard is a Sr Data Analyst at Flipp on the Partner Insights & Analytics team. She helps their Business Development team build relationships with retail partners through advanced analytics and consultation on different measurement solutions. Prior to this, she spent four years in a variety of roles at Mars Canada.

Farheen Kadwa

Farheen is the Marketing Director at Hijabi Ballers, a non-profit celebrating Muslim women in sports, while also studying to get her Master's degree in Environmental Science at the University of Toronto.

Anna is a media-relations officer at the University of Toronto, with a background in brand reputation management and consumer communications, servicing national and global brands throughout North America.

Lianne Girard

Anna Weigt-Bienzle

Elizabeth Sarjeant

Sania is a Technology Analyst at Accenture, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Maryam and

Nivaal Rehman

Maryam and Nivaal are the co-founders and co-executive directors of The World With MNR, and students at Trinity College, U of T working on their undergraduate degree. 

Professor Moran was appointed as the 15th Provost and Vice-Chancellor of Trinity College in 2014. Prior to assuming her role as Provost, Professor Moran served as the first female Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto.  

Jessica Lam

Jessica is the senior coordinator of Adult Learning at the Toronto International Film Festival. Prior to working at TIFF, Jessica worked with Free the Children and the University of Toronto. 

Mairi is the Coordinator for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Training at University of Toronto, a public research university and Canada's top post-secondary institution.

Provost Mayo Moran

Mairi McKenna


Sania Bhatti

Past Field Trips


Facebook Canada Offices


TIFF BEll Lightbox


Ontario Legislative assembly

20 girls interested in business went on an 

exclusive visit to the Facebook Canada offices, met with women who work there, and received a tour of the space.

20 girls interested in advocacy went go on an exclusive visit to the Ontario Legislate Assembly, met with women who work there, and received a tour of the space.

25 girls interested in storytelling went on an exclusive visit to the TIFF Bell Lightbox, met with women who work there, and received a tour of the space.

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