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Gender Equality is vital if we want to move forward in a world that is more developed, and gives equal opportunities to all its citizens. At the World With MNR, we are prioritizing this issue, because we believe that it is another one of the most important causes that the world needs to focus on. Two of the main solutions to this issue, are Women Empowerment and Girls' Education. We have been working on both of these, and helping advance the fight for Gender Equality worldwide through our various projects worldwide, using advocacy, storytelling and development.


We're working to create change globally through advocacy efforts that call on world leaders to invest in girls' education and make it a priority. If we want girls to be given equal opportunities to succeed, it is vital for us to work with world leaders. Our advocacy efforts have been through working with the Malala Fund and the Girl Up Campaign.



We were advocates with the Malala Fund during the G7 Finance and Development Ministers' meetings in Whistler, BC in 2018. We had the opportunity to speak with and interview world leaders including World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, and the Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau. We shared the importance of girls' education, and asked leaders to contribute to a $1.3 Billion Dollar investment in girls' education. At the official G7 summit in Charlevoix the week following our meetings, the leaders decided to invest $3.8 Billion Dollars, due to the efforts of many different activists, organizations like the Malala Fund, and our meetings. We also advocated at the Girl Up Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. We visited the House of Representatives and the Senate to meet with several senators and congressmen/women to advocate for the “Keeping Girls in School Act”. 


We have used storytelling to raise awareness about gender equality, women empowerment and girls' education. We have also shared our personal work for girls' education in our village in Pakistan through videos we produced on our YouTube channel, blog posts on our website and through our social media. We have collaborated with Disney, the UN Girl Up Campaign, and more women-empowered organizations to share their mission with the world and raise awareness.





The Dream Big Princess Program is a collaboration with Disney and the UN Girl Up Campaign, in which 21 young girls were selected to be filmmakers from around the world! The World With MNR's Maryam, Nivaal, Marianna and Maud were also selected!

This is Maryam and Nivaal's

first ever feature-length documentary that they created during a trip to Pakistan in 2019.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies is a collection of writing from extraordinary women, from Hollywood actresses to teenage activists, each telling the story of her personal relationship with feminism. Maryam and Nivaal were two of the writers!

This is a project of The World With MNR and GirlzFTW, called "Girlz,RTW." It is aimed at empowering girls to dream big, and pursue non-traditional careers through conferences designed to support them in their journey.


Girlz, FTW is a dope mentoring program matching high school & college girls w/ badass women leaders from various backgrounds & life experiences. We have had the pleasure of being their video content producers for two years now, and managing their Instagram account. We also host the Girlz,FTW talk show called GirlzTalk, where we discuss topics all girls can relate to, which serves as a space for casual conversation about the topics that Girlz are too afraid to talk about in real life. 


We have been taking action for Gender Equality by working in-the-field around the world. Whether it is running a workshop, event, or inspiring girls to continue to go to school. We know that the most impactful projects are the ones that happen in-person, when we come together and empower one another.

This #worldenvironmentday we're fighting



in Pakistan

We began our activism journey in our village in Pakistan when we were eight years old. We visited the school that our grandmother had donated the land to build, and learned that those girls were going to quit school when they reached grade 5. Our desire to make our grandmother's dream for the girls come true led us to inspiring them to continue their education. We ran workshops with them, spoke to their parents, and made sure to spend time to them every time we went to Pakistan on family trips. During a trip in 2015, we learned that some of those girls were actually going on to high school. This was a huge win for us. We returned to Pakistan again in 2019 to continue our work, and film a documentary on the status of girls' education in the country.

Girl Up



We have been club leaders at our school's Girl Up club for 4 years, and served as the Girl Up Canada Coalition leaders for 2 years. In these roles, we have helped organize several women and girl-empowerment conferences across the Greater Toronto Area. These include events like a screening of the film He Named Me Malala, Women's Day conferences, Girl Up Toronto Summits and Girl's Night In events. All of these events have featured inspiring speakers, empowering workshops, and networking opportunities for girls in Canada. We also help facilitate Girl Up clubs across the country, and fundraise for Girl Up's initiatives supporting adolescent girls around the world.