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To Soar

Our first-ever feature length documentary on the status of girls' education in Pakistan.


The story of twin activists Maryam and Nivaal Rehman and their return to Pakistan, where they have been inspiring girls to go to school for the past 10 years. Motivated by their grandmother who donated land to have a girls’ school built in their village, the two begin their journey reconnecting with the children there. They conduct numerous workshops to hear the children’s stories and inspire them to continue their education. Following this, they travel across Pakistan to determine the status of girls' education in the country. The story unfolds with the perspectives of various industry leaders, school children, and grassroots activists, that are displayed through interviews, workshops, and school visits. It shatters stereotypes about Pakistan, a country often misunderstood by the media, by noting that although problems exist, considerable efforts are being made to resolve them.

Screening Guide


For anyone who wants to host their own screening of the film, here is a Screening Guide to help you in the process. It provides details of the film, a step-by-step guide and discussion questions for your screening.

In the Media

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Twin sisters Maryam and Nivaal Rehman visited family in Pakistan and were inspired by their grandmothers to work on the cause of girls' education and empowerment. They've just completed a documentary film about the lack of girl's access to schooling in Pakistan and on people who are working to improve opportunities.

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Are you a first-time voter? Are you having trouble deciding how you'll cast your ballot in October? Maryam and Nivaal are first-time voters too. CBC's Heather Hiscox asked them what issues matter to them. #CBCNN

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Over the course of the eighteen-years we have lived on this planet, we have learned, grown, and changed a lot, to say the least. However, there have definitely been certain elements in our lives that have remained the same.

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Pakistani Canadian twins, Maryam and Nivaal Rehman, founders of the non-profit organization, "The World with MNR", have recently released the documentary, Destined to Sour,  about girls' education in Pakistan.

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We were 8 years old when we first learned that not every girl is able to go to school. Born in Pakistan, we moved to Canada and began school at the age of 5, assuming every girl had the same opportunity. But a trip back to our village in Pakistan showed us how wrong we were. While visiting the local girls’ school, we discovered that poverty and child labor prevent many girls from learning. 

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