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An ambitious challenge in the world of travel, exploration, and storytelling, "Theater of The World," is an extraordinary effort to build the first participatory World Atlas. It will be curated through the journey of twin activists Maryam and Nivaal Rehman as they travel to every country in the world, and gather photographs, stories, and create an accompanying digital video series to develop a truly global atlas, fit for our times.
In the process of building this Atlas, several world records will be achieved by Maryam and Nivaal Rehman on their journey:

1.  First carbon-neutral trip to every country
2. First pair to travel to every country
3. First siblings to travel to every country 
4. First twins to travel to every country
5. First Canadians to travel to every country
6. First Pakistanis to travel to every country
7. First Muslim Women to travel to every country
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As more people get vaccinated and the world begins to open up again from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need to encourage people to travel once again, but in sustainable and more meaningful ways. This trip will use stories to bridge connections between people globally, and demonstrate the importance of sustainable travel practises that are socially and environmentally friendly. The storytelling tools used along the journey will include videos, photos and writing across social media and online platforms, as well as the final participatory world Atlas.
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The first leg of Maryam and Nivaal's trip around the world will begin in Europe in 2021. They will spend their time exploring the various countries, cultures and traditions of Europe while following a sustainability checklist and sharing about each step of their journey on social media. They will share the sights and sounds from their trips while also highlighting hotels, travel companies, restaurants  and more that they are working with to embark on their journey across their social media platforms, and include them in the final Atlas when their journey comes to an end.
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Join this historic initiative as part of your company's Corporate Social Responsibility and social good impact efforts. We are currently looking for partners to provide us with in-kind donations in exchange for:
  • Features on our social media
  • Being published in our Atlas
  • Having your logo displayed on our campaign webpage
View our social statistics below:
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3,000+ monthly
site visitors
50 000+ Followers Across Social Media
2,100+ youth activists and organizations in our network from 100+ countries
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