An ambitious challenge in the world of travel, exploration, and storytelling, "Theater of The World," is an extraordinary effort to build the first participatory World Atlas. It will be curated through the journey of twin activists Maryam and Nivaal Rehman as they travel to every country in the world, and gather photographs, stories, and create an accompanying digital video series to develop a truly global atlas, fit for our times.
In the process of building this Atlas, several world records will be achieved by Maryam and Nivaal Rehman on their journey:
1.  First carbon-neutral trip to every country
2. First pair to travel to every country
3. First siblings to travel to every country 
4. First twins to travel to every country
5. First Canadians to travel to every country
6. First Pakistanis to travel to every country
7. First Muslim Women to travel to every country
To commemorate each country that Maryam and Nivaal visit, and to make the Atlas more interactive for readers, it will include exclusive collectible stickers. There will be a spot for readers to paste these stickers on the country pages, so that they can mark and keep track of the countries they have visited. Below are some samples:
P (3).png
P (5).png
Untitled design - 2021-05-03T151347.340.
Each country section featured in the Atlas will also include watercolor paintings by Maryam and Nivaal, which reflect iconic landmarks, poetry, cultural icons, and/or locations from the countries that they are visiting. High-quality scans of the paintings will be included in the Atlas. Below are just a few photographs to show what the paintings look like:
Each country section will include a  titled "Stories at the Table," which features