Saidpur Village, 2019_Islamabad, Pakista

Our Work

Gender Equality is vital if we want to move forward in a world that is more developed, and gives equal opportunities to all its citizens. At the World With MNR, we are prioritizing this issue, because we believe that it is another one of the most important causes that the world needs to focus on. Two of the main solutions to this issue, are Women Empowerment and Girls' Education. We have been working on both of these, and helping advance the fight for Gender Equality worldwide through our various projects worldwide, using advocacy, storytelling and development.


One of the values of The World With MNR is including young people in our decision making, and giving young people the opportunity to get involved in our initiatives. Through initiatives like our Youth Activism Program and our Writing Interns Initiative, we provide youth with the opportunity to share their ideas on our platform and take action for the causes they care about.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Youth Activism Program

Ayesha Khan

Whitby, Canada

Mariana Anaya

Monterrey, Mexico

Imaan Mehmood

Whitby, Canada

Tapiwa Maoni


Mariel v. Schuur

Michigan, USA

Maud Webster

Norwich, UK

Petar Mijacevic

Whitby, Canada

Mohammad Rayan

Bangalore, India

Chante mars

Whitby, Canada

Jacqueline Yepez

Cancun, Mexico

Zahra Noreen

Hunza, Pakistan

Izzah Khan

Milton, Canada

Sundus Zahra

Dehli, India

Afrah Chishty

Whitby, Canada

Maryam Khan

Milton, Canada


We have used storytelling to raise awareness about gender equality, women empowerment and girls' education. We have also shared our personal work for girls' education in our village in Pakistan through videos we produced on our YouTube channel, blog posts on our website and through our social media. We have collaborated with Disney, the UN Girl Up Campaign, and more women-empowered organizations to share their mission with the world and raise awareness.





The Dream Big Princess Program is a collaboration with Disney and the UN Girl Up Campaign, in which 21 young girls were selected to be filmmakers from around the world! The World With MNR's Maryam, Nivaal, Marianna and Maud were also selected!

This is Maryam and Nivaal's

first ever feature-length documentary that they created during a trip to Pakistan in 2019.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies is a collection of writing from extraordinary women, from Hollywood actresses to teenage activists, each telling the story of her personal relationship with feminism. Maryam and Nivaal were two of the writers!

This is a project of The World With MNR and GirlzFTW, called "Girlz,RTW." It is aimed at empowering girls to dream big, and pursue non-traditional careers through conferences designed to support them in their journey.