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Making the case for gender equality

Feminae Carta advocates for a world in which women and girls can not only dream big, but also be able to realize their dreams through investments in their well-being, voices, and participation. It is backed by the stories and perspectives of women and girls in every corner of the world.

Creating a world in which women and girls can not only dream big, but also have their big dreams realized.

Presenting background information, evidence, and research on why investing in women's empowerment is important, and its connection with economic growth in the world. 

Thank you to our partners

Thank you to our Research collaborators


Watch this space for the latest updates, events, and convenings held as part of our Feminae Carta Initiative.

Feminae Carta Research Retreat

An opportunity for our researchers to learn from experts, professors and fellow researchers from universities, institutions, and non-profits globally. The focus of this retreat was sparking conversations about the biggest issues that women face, potential solutions, and how research is effectively conducted in an academic and non-profit sector.

Featuring speakers from:

Our speakers collectively studied at esteemed universities around the world including:

Meet our researchers

To prepare our background guide, we had an incredible group of more than 25 researchers from 23+ countries work with us, who have collectively studied at more than 30 of the world's leading universities.

Ozge Korkmaz Sahbaz


Norah Nowarah

Canada + Palestine

Soukaina tachfouti


Constance Tiffany Kell

United States

Anna Paula Bennech

Brazil + Germany

Aamyneh mecklai


Ayesha Khan


Andrea Jacob


Lara Jeich

Argentina + France

Mariana anaya

Mexico + France

Mehwish aziz


Jennifer Solano Heredia


Hajar Laccheb


Hajar Laccheb

Hong Kong + Scotland

Magda Bakali


Faadil Butt


Maysoon hussein

egypt + saudi arabia

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