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Our Work

Climate Change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. The need for environmental sustainability, conservation, protection and climate justice is dire, and urgent. At the MNR Foundation, we believe that this is an issue that needs to be addressed first and foremost, because no matter how hard we work to make this planet a better place, there's no point if we do not have a planet to live in. 

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Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to inspire change. We have written many articles on our website's blog, produced several videos on our youtube channel and also created an environmental documentary to raise awareness about this cause in the media. 




Environmental Documentary


Climate Conversations

Interview Series with the David Suzuki Foundation


Climate and Health

Reporting from Queen's Park event with Blue Dot


The most effective way that we can protect our planet, is by going into the field, volunteering and taking action. The MNR Foundation has participated in countless activities including shoreline and community cleanups, gardening projects, tree-planting initiatives, and more to take action in-the-field across the Greater Toronto Area.


We have worked extensively with the girls in our village in Pakistan, and conducted workshops on environmental stewardship and sustainability. Not only have we taught the girls the importance of taking care of our planet by taking steps like not littering, but we have also done activities like tree-planting. We supported Prime Minister Imran Khan's Billion-Tree Tsunami campaign by planting 10 trees with the school girls, and taught them steps they could take to take care of them even after we came back to Canada. This initiative is conducted under the "Shine" project of The MNR Foundation.

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