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A Digital program focused on learning about and resolving global challenges

Art of Advocacy is a project which has received the University of Toronto's Student Engagement award. Founded by Maryam and Nivaal Rehman is meant to allow youth around the world to learn about and have conversations about how to resolve challenges within the fields of gender equality, climate justice, access to quality education and mental health. To support this, we created action hubs where students spoke about how to address these challenges, hosted virtual conversations with experts where they could learn more and developed this culminating digital action briefing to bring together everything that we learned about so that those within our activist network can be equipped with better knowledge and tools to take action.

Highlights from our discussions with experts

Participants in our action hubs had the opportunity to participate in a virtual event and hear from experts within the fields of Gender Equality, Climate Justice, Access to Quality Education and Mental Health. They were able to ask questions about their work and participate in a lengthy discussion with them as well. Below, are some of the highlights from the events featuring our initial interviews with the speakers.

Gender Equality: Anna Paula Bennech

Climate Justice:
Maurice Gathu Munga 

Quality Education access: Ozge Korkmaz Sahbaz

Mental Health:
Mariel Vander Schuur

Vision Boards

Below are vision boards featuring round-ups of the conversations, advice and actions developed by our community of youth around the world on how to take action for Gender Equality, Climate Justice, Access to Quality Education and Mental Health.

Road Maps For Action

Below are more final road maps combining takeaways from both youth participants and experts, with a series of policy prescriptions that can be used to take action for our focus areas.
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