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Gender equality or gender justice, often seems like a goal that is too big to achieve. Will we ever live in a world where women have equal opportunities to pursue their goals and ambitions? These are questions which loomed in the minds of our researchers too when beginning the next stage of our research for our Feminae Carta initiative. While we may not see all issues related to gender equality, we can still begin urging our governments to begin taking action at a wider scale, one issue at a time. This will help us create the progress we need and inspire further changes as well. In this section of Feminae Carta, our researchers share background information and policy prescriptions for governments to follow on specific issues in different countries. 

Meet our researchers

To prepare our road maps, we had an amazing group of youth researchers from all six continents. You can find out more about their stories below:

Research Leads





Lead: Nivaal Rehman

Researchers: Romaisa Fatima and Abdul Rehman Nawaz

The current status quo kills, harms, and severely injures women and girls all over North and Latin America in multiple forms.

Image by Assad Tanoli

Issue 1: Lack of Favourable Property Rights Legislation For Women

Image by Persnickety Prints
Image by Arseny Togulev
Image by Cristian Newman

Access is possible where resources, infrastructure, training, and specialized staff are. Considering the expenses, it would be an intuitive conclusion to suppose wealthier countries would have better healthcare systems. Let us test this assumption.

Issue 2: Harassment Against Women in Pakistan

Issue 3: Lack of Learning Opportunities for Women in Pakistan

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