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Welcome to The World With MNR, a digital space created by twin activists, journalists, filmmakers and explorers Maryam and Nivaal Rehman to showcase their work. This includes their nonprofit The MNR Foundation and Maryam and Nivaal's individual activism, journalism and travel initiatives. View some highlights from our journey below.


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Changing the world and inspiring others to do the same

Maryam and Nivaal started their journey into activism when they were just eight-years-old. Since then, they have dedicated their time to working for various local and global causes, and harnessed the power of digital and social media to share about their work with others. Through The World With MNR and the many initiatives this space features, Maryam and Nivaal hope to take action for the causes they care about, amplify youth voices, and encourage others to have a positive impact on the world too. The three broad categories of work that this space features, include Activism, Travel, and Storytelling. Below, are some gateways to our major initiatives within each of these spaces, although, as you will find, these categories often intersect as well.
Our Work
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Organizations that have worked with us

Ever since we started The World With MNR, we have been honoured to work alongside incredible organizations around the world, whether we are collaborating for a campaign, running an event or telling stories together.
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