A global non-profit organization co-founded by twin activists and journalists Maryam and Nivaal Rehman, The World With MNR works for gender equality, climate justice and inclusivity through storytelling, advocacy and development projects. 


G7 2018

Interviewing Managing Director of the IMF, Madame Christine Lagarde

Our Blog

An inclusive space which has been elevating youth voices from around the world, we share perspectives and issues that transcend borders. Our goal is to transform journalism so that we are not only sharing the problems that exist in the world, but also what our readers can do to take action. Our posts range from activism, journalism, Op-Eds, to interviews spotlighting inspirational leaders.

Our Podcast

The Whole Wide World is a Podcast series featuring conversations Maryam and Nivaal have, discussing topics ranging from activism, travel, to social media. Sometimes, they are joined by special guests from around the world who share their perspectives.

Our Youtube Channel

In the summer of 2016, Maryam and Nivaal officially launched their YouTube channel and announced their journalism project called “The World With MNR,” through which they hope to raise awareness for issues such as gender equality, girls' education, environmental sustainability, cultural diversity and more. They hope that through giving their viewers a chance to see the two of them taking action towards having a positive impact for the causes they care about, they’ll also be able to inspire them to do the same.

Never be afraid of failure, but pursue your goals with

the firm belief that you are capable of doing

anything you set your mind to doing.  After all,

if we are to live in a truly equitable world,

we need to work together, pursue our dreams
and shine until our light cannot be ignored.

Luceat lux vestra [let your light shine].



Cartas are a revolutionary new digital advocacy tool which use interactive multimedia elements to advocate for solutions to world issues, founded by The World With MNR, a Canadian nonprofit. Cartas are supported by reliable research, backed by evidence-based case studies and endorsed by key stakeholders.

Girlz, RTW

A partnership between The World With MNR and Girlz,FTW, the Girlz,RTW conferences are meant to inspire girls to pursue the career of their dreams. The conferences feature summits, field trips, and mentorship for interactive, engaging and long-lasting impact on girls who participate.

Destined To Soar

A feature-length documentary featuring twin activists Maryam and Nivaal Rehman and their return to Pakistan, where they have been inspiring girls to go to school for the past 10 years. They conduct numerous workshops to hear the children’s stories and inspire them to continue their education. Following this, they travel across Pakistan to determine the status of girls' education in the country by conducting interviews with change makers. 

Dream Big Princess

The Disney Dream Big, Princess Project is a collaboration between Disney and the UN Girl Up Campaign to empower young, female filmmakers and make their dreams come true. 21 young girls from 13 different countries were selected to be filmmakers, and created digital short-films which were shared on social media with the #DreamBigPrincess. Each video featured an inspiring woman from different fields.

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